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Keep reading to learn more about our Premium line of frames and matted prints.

Luxurious framing and matting
to match the beauty of your photographs

Custom Framing match the beauty of your printed photographs

  1. Hanging frame pricing is based on the size of the print. Mat or no mat? It doesn’t factor into the pricing structure of your artwork. See more on that below.
  2. Complimentary installation is included for Boston and Nantucket clients with the purchase of 3 or more hanging frames! When you place your order with us, please let us know if you'd like to schedule an installation.
  3. All frames have a 3 week turnaround time, while for matted prints you can usually expect a quicker turnaround.
A few additional important tidbits:
Our hanging frames are custom made using archival materials that ensure not only a gorgeous finish and color, but longevity -- meaning both the frames themselves and the photographs within them will be protected from the elements that can typically cause wear, including sunlight, temperature changes, and more. Between the multitude of wood and contemporary frame offerings, and the option to go matless or opt for one of three different mat sizes (2”, 3”, 4”), designing your perfect frame is achievable and quite simple. However, if it seems like a daunting task and you’re having a hard time with a vision, we’re happy to help consult on all aspects of the design, from the material selection to the placement in your home. 

Premium desktop frames are also a part of our offering, crafted with the same attention to detail and care as all hanging frame options. These desktop frames are available in one size (8x10), but can accommodate either a 5x7 matted or 8x10 mounted print with no mat. Without the intimate knowledge needed for gifting hanging frames (where it will live, sizing requirements, etc.), desktop frames are your answer, allowing you to tailor this gift specifically for the recipient (or yourself!) with all framing materials still at your disposal.

Our framer's website is incredibly informative, so we highly recommend you take a look there with any questions about framing and materials. You will also find a complete list of their hardwood and contemporary frame options, along with photos. If you're thinking about a framed piece, email us or fill out the quick contact form below. It would be our pleasure to help you design the perfect piece.

As an alternative to framing, matted prints are a great choice for those who already have a beautiful collection of frames on hand, but still want their prints and mats to be made with the most beautiful and enduring materials. The cotton rag mat board is not only archival, but eco-friendly and 100% acid-free. Matted prints can easily be purchased through your pic-time galleries or through us - whichever you prefer.
FUN FACT: Andy Warhol used the same mat board to produce his silkscreen prints!  


Your memories are priceless works of art.



Please click on the links below to view pricing information for our frames and matted prints. 

The museum-grade archival materials that our frames are made with provide the highest level of protection and preservation of your printed images. As such, they come in at a higher price point than frames made from larger manufacturers that don’t place the same emphasis on quality and materials. If you're interested in a more budget-friendly option, please let us know, and we'd be happy to discuss sourcing from an alternative supplier.  However, please note that session and package print credits do not apply to frames sourced elsewhere.  


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