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Nantucket Family Session at Miacomet Beach


March 28, 2024


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Nantucket family session at Miacomet Beach | Photography by Kristen Swain

Butterflies. That’s what you feel when getting the opportunity to shoot fellow photographers, and describes exactly what I felt when shooting Marnie and her family last summer. Marnie herself is an extremely talented family photographer based in Chicago who found her way in front of my lens while visiting a regular client of mine on Nantucket (thank you, Kate!). It is simultaneously extremely flattering and a little terrifying when another professional photographer puts their trust in you to document their special moments. So yes, those nervous butterflies were making themselves known as I drove to Miacomet to meet this family of five for the first time.

Marnie’s shoot turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and effortless sessions of the summer though, because as a photographer herself, she has a keen eye for what makes a great family photo. The attire she chose for her family was perfect – stylish yet relaxed, with Marnie and her oldest daughter both in beautiful white dresses with plenty of texture, her other two kids in soft pastels, and her husband sporting blue shorts and a tucked-in button-down with a belt. They were all set for the adventure I had planned out for them – a sunset exploration of what is currently my favorite Nantucket beach. We started at the parking lot, wandered through the dunes along the pond, and ended up on the shoreline, where we spotted seals and dipped our toes in the ocean (a highly encouraged activity during my beach sessions but also 100% optional!). 

What Marnie knows, and what I want to share it with you as my client, is this: the magic of a photo session lies not in the perfect poses or orchestrated moments, but in the genuine love, laughter, and connection you share as a family. While we’ll definitely capture some traditional shots of everyone looking at the camera, our main focus is on having fun and creating authentic memories. If your kids are full of energy, we might have them run along the beach, race each other, or playfully interact with dad. On the other hand, if they’re more laid-back or shy, we might opt for cozy moments of cuddling on a blanket, enjoying the ocean view, or sharing stories.

Of course, we understand that little ones can sometimes have meltdowns. However, when the atmosphere is geared towards enjoyment rather than obligation, and everyone approaches the session with a positive attitude, we can minimize stress and create an experience your family will eagerly anticipate each time. The key is simply to embrace the joy of being together and let the magic unfold naturally.

Marnie and her family were extremely kind and also ready for fun, so of course my nerves were quelled once we got comfortable with one another (which didn’t take long!). But they came right back a few weeks later, when it was time to deliver Marnie’s photos. I’m not gonna lie, I checked my phone obsessively after delivering her sneak peek. It turns out, as a fellow family photographer, Marnie also knew exactly what I needed to hear after sending her photos over.  Knowing that our clients love their photos is EVERYTHING to us photogs.  My anxious butterflies turned into the warm & fuzzy kind when Marnie’s text came through: “Welp. These are perfect! Thanks for making my night.”  And with those words, she had made my night too.

Nantucket family session at Miacomet Beach | Photography by Kristen Swain

Nantucket family session at Miacomet Beach | Photography by Kristen Swain

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